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Echo Park is a beautiful location in Los Angeles that offers visitors a quiet reprieve from the busy city. And Echo Park Lake is the quint reservoir contained within the borders of Echo Park. Going on an Echo Park swan boat ride is the perfect way to relax in the heart of LA, so why not give it a try? 

Whether you are venturing to the park for a romantic date, or to take a fun ride with friends, these cute-as-a-button swan boats are the perfect way to spend your time. 

What to Expect From Swan Boats Echo Park

If you hire a swan boat in echo park, you’ll get the chance to paddle around the lake for an hour, and there really isn’t a more peaceful way to spend the afternoon. You can enjoy a whole hour on the water while taking in the beautiful surrounding views of Echo Park. 

A swan boat ride in Echo Park Lake is the perfect gift for any boat-lover. So don’t hesitate to purchase a ticket for you and your loved one. 

Echo Park Swan Boat Prices and Availability

Swan Boat Rental in Echo Park

$11 per person

Swan Boat Night Ride at Echo Park Lake

$11 per person

Echo Park Lake: Swan Pedal Boat Rental

$11 per person


Echo Park swan boats prices generally range from $10 – $12. During the week you will pay around $11 for a ride, but prices sometimes increase during the busy season. 

You can enjoy a swan boat ride any time of the day (during the week and over the weekend), and the boats are also available to be used in the evenings after dark. This is particularly attractive to those hoping for a romantic date on the water. echo park lake

When should you book a swan paddle boat ride in Los Angeles?

The spring and autumn (March through May or September through November) months are the best time to visit LA. This is because the city enjoys mild temperatures during this season. In the summer, the city is full of smog and the sweltering temperatures can be unpleasant. 

Surprisingly, the summer months are the busiest time of year in Los Angeles. And the winter months can be cold, unpleasant, and experience a lot of rain. For this reason, you’ll want to take a boat trip to the Echo Park Lake Swan Boats during the spring or autumn. 

If you decide to go during the summer, then it might be best to opt for the nighttime boat rides when it is a little cooler outside. 

Best Echo Park Boats Options

If you are wanting to take a swan boat ride in Echo Park, there are only two options. You can choose between a day boat trip and a night trip on the lake. This is an in-depth look at your options for boat rides in Echo Park. 

Swan boat rental in Echo Park 

swan boats

Rent a swan boat for an hour at Echo Park for a ride in a unique vessel. You will get a full hour to pedal around and enjoy views of the fountain in the lake and the signature lotus beds that punctuate the pond. 

The boat operator will paddle you around the lake while you enjoy the scenery and take in the fresh air. After your ride, you can head over to one of the nearby restaurants or cafes for a bite to eat. Whether you’re looking for a romantic activity or a fun family outing, Swan Boat rides in Echo Park are sure to please.

The swan boats in Echo Park Lake are one of the top-rated activities in LA so it’s important that you don’t miss out on all the fun. 

My favorite part of this trip:

taking a swan boat trip in Echo Park is a great activity during the day. There is nothing more peaceful than spending time on the water. 

Swan boat night ride at Echo Park Lake

glowing swan boats

If you are looking for something romantic to do in Los Angeles, then taking an after dusk swan boat trip is an absolute must. When the night sky turns dark, the swan boat gets lit up which creates a beautiful glow on the water. 

The best part is that when you look back at LA, you can enjoy the stunning city skyline. There is nothing more tranquil than spending an evening on the water, paddling around the lake with the person you love. 

My favorite part of this trip:

the views of the Los Angeles city skyline are unbeatable from the Echo Park Lake, especially during the evening. 

FAQs About Swan Boats in Echo Park

These are some questions that people often ask about taking a swan boat ride in eco park.

How many people are in the Swan Boat?

In the large Swan Boats, up to five people can take a ride in each boat. Their total capacity is 1400 lbs, so ensure that combined weight of you and your friends comes in under that number. If you are going on a hot date on the water, then you can opt for a smaller Swan Boat which takes up to two people.

How deep is the Echo Park Lake?

You don’t have to stress about the depth of Echo Park Lake because it’s deep enough to handle your Swan Boat trip. But the deepest parts of the lake are up to 28 feet. This means you should be wearing a life jacket at all time (which are provided by the officials at the lake).

Final Thoughts on Swan Peddle Boat Ride in Echo Park

Echo Park Lake on a swan boat is one of the best ways to spend a day or an evening in Los Angeles. If you are up for paddling around the lake with your partner or friend, then this is a great activity to take part in. 

Are you ready for a fun ride on the water to make your day that much better? Book your ride now to ensure you don’t miss out on this iconic LA activity.

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