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Maui Boat Tours | Tickets & Prices for Boat Rides in Maui

Maui is part of the Hawaiian archipelago and one of the most famed islands that make up Hawaii. It’s become a hotspot for tourists wanting to immerse themselves in nature and explore the islands’ many beautiful features. 

But the volcano and waterfalls this stunning island has to offer are not all there is to see. Taking a Maui boat tour is essential during your time in Hawaii. It gives you a chance to appreciate Maui’s unmatched beauty from yet another angle and explore all the rich marine life has to offer. Here’s exactly what you can expect from the cruises Maui has available. 

Maui Boat Rides – What to Expect

Maui boat trips have so much to offer and there is a myriad of different varieties of boat rides that you can take in and around the wonderful island. I loved each and everyone, from dinner cruises to snorkeling excursions and kayaking adventures. 

The waters that surround the island of Maui are rich with marine wildlife and sights that you will have a hard time finding anywhere else in the world. The fact that Maui is so accessible to US citizens and is located a mere nine-hour flight away makes it a great option for those wanting to enjoy some time on the water. And if you are looking for a gift for boaters, then a boat trip to Maui will go down as a treat!

snorkeling in maui

Maui Boat Trips Prices and Availability

Eco-Friendly Molokini and Turtle Town Tour

$179.42 on Get Your Guide

Sunset Dinner Cruise with Live Music

$129.95 on Get Your Guide

Turtle Town Kayak and Snorkel Tour

$91.40 on Get Your Guide

Underwater Submarine Adventure

$143.61 on Get Your Guide

In terms of pricing, these can vary greatly depending on the type of boat tour that you are taking. While kayaking and snorkeling trips tend to be rather affordable, there are cruises and dinner cruises that charge quite a bit for their tours. 

Prices vary from $96 per person to $196 per person. Hawaii can be a little expensive at times but if you choose the tours that best resonate with the memories you are wanting to make, then these are some wonderful Maui boat tour options. 

When should you book a Maui Cruise?

Maui enjoys beautiful weather throughout the year, so there is simply no wrong time to go. But if you are like me, then you’ll want to avoid the crowds that come hand in hand with Maui’s busy season. In that case, April, May, and June (the spring months in Maui) are by far the best time to take a boat trip. 

You’ll find that there aren’t throngs of people waiting in line to book a tour, and the prices tend to be somewhat reduced during this season too. 

Best Maui Boat Trip Options

If you are looking for Maui cruises, then these are some of the options you should look at. I thoroughly enjoyed them and there are at least a couple on this list that I’m sure you’ll find interesting too. 

Maui: Eco-Friendly Molokini and Turtle Town Tour with Lunch

maui snorkeling cruise

This eco-friendly tour of the Maui waters is absolutely beautiful and perfect for anyone keen to do a little more exploring. You’ll leave the harbor in a luxury boat to enjoy life onboard and stunning views of the mountains rising up out of Maui. 

You’ll head to the coral reefs in the Molokini crater where you’ll get a lesson in snorkeling before heading into the water. This area is rich in biodiversity making it a very unique snorkeling location. After spending some time in the water, you’ll hop back on the boat for pastries and fruit to refuel for the next adventure. 

The second snorkeling destination is Turtle Arches which are underwater volcanic formations. There are plenty of sea turtles in this area, so have your GoPro ready. The experience of swimming with sea turtles is not only breathtaking but it makes for wonderful photos. After spending some time in the water you will hop back aboard for burgers and salad while you head back to the harbor. 

My favorite part about this trip:

My favorite part about this trip was visiting the famed Turtle Town and learning about their lives in the water.

From Lahaina: Sunset Dinner Cruise with Live Music

sunset cruise

If you are looking for something both relaxing and exquisite to do one evening in Maui, then heading to Lahaina for a sunset catamaran cruise is an absolute must. You’ll take to the water just before sunset so you can enjoy the views with island-style live music playing in the background. 

Breadsticks are served as a starter while drinks are served. Choose between some fine wines or cocktails including the oh-so-delicious Pina Co Lada. The dinner served is a tender prime rib that couldn’t get any better. 

Keep your eyes peeled for humpback whales as they pass by the area on a frequent basis, although there are no guarantees you’ll see them. Once your romantic dinner is over, the catamaran will head back to the harbor. This is another scenic experience that deserves a photo or two for the memory book. 

My favorite part of this trip:

My favorite part about this trip was watching the sun go down from the perspective of the water. The area really does have something truly special to offer.

Maui: Turtle Town Kayak and Snorkel Tour 

kayaking in maui

If you are like me then a bit of exercise during your trip won’t scare you. Then this kayaking and snorkeling experience will be right up your alley. The guide will lead you through Makena Bay on a kayak and you’ll have the chance to see a myriad of different sea life. 

About halfway through the tour you’ll anchor your kayaks, gear up, and hop out of the boat to snorkel with green sea turtles. You will be in an area with a high concentration of them, so you will without a doubt have this wonderful experience. 

After your dip in the ocean, you’ll head back to the harbor. This is one worth taking, especially for adventure lovers, but remember to take your kayak accessories with you to ensure you have a great time. 

My favorite part of this trip:

May favorite part of this trip was getting to be right up close and personal with the turtles because the kayak sits just a few inches off the water.

Maui: Underwater Submarine Adventure

submarine in maui

This Maui submarine tour is completely unique and something that isn’t offered in that many locations. During this tour, you will hop aboard a submarine and head into the crystal clear underwater world that lies just off the coast of Maui. 

You’ll have access to 360-degree views of the waters and see a myriad of colorful fish. The submarine will take you to a replica shipwreck which is also a very interesting sight. All this while a knowledgeable guide talks you through what is going on in this stunning underwater world. 

This is perfect for anyone that wants to immerse themselves in nature without getting their hands dirty. You will stay safely tucked inside the submarine at all times, so you don’t need to worry about getting wet. 

My favorite part of this trip:

My favorite part of this trip was getting to be deep under the water. It was my first experience in a submarine and wow, what an incredible experience it was!

Other Tours in Maui

Wrapping Up Boat Rides Maui

Now that you know that extensive list of boat trips Maui has to offer, all you have to do is pick one (or a few) to add to your Maui itinerary. Whether you want to go kayaking with dolphins, snorkeling with marine wildlife, or sip champagne while the sun sets over the horizon, Maui has a boat trip to suit your needs. If a Maui boat cruise is something you enjoy, then don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful boat trips on offer all across the US. Put on your best boat clothes and head to the marina, because it’s time for an adventure on the water. Have a safe trip onboard!

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