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Florida Keys Yacht Charter | Luxury Yacht Rental Experience

When I think of renting a yacht, my mind often drifts to venturing across the ocean. But it’s often forgotten that the best adventures are more often than not right under our noses. If you’re considering your options for Key West yacht rentals, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve had some wonderful experiences with Ocean Scape Yachts. 

Florida keys have so much to offer including azure waters, islands, a tropical lifestyle, shopping destinations, and diving locations to rival the world’s best. 

Yacht Charter Florida Keys: What to Expect

All-inclusive yacht charters in Florida come in many different shapes and sizes. And your itinerary is left very much up to you. However, Ocean Scape provides you with interesting itineraries that include diving, snorkeling, exploring shipwrecks, and walking white sandy beaches shaded by palm trees. 

While your to-do list can be made up of any activity you are interested in the area, any yacht charter will include sunning on the deck of a luxury yacht while sipping cocktails. 

boats in dock

Florida Keys Sailboat Charter Prices & Availability

Charter a Yacht in Florida Keys from Miami

Prices for luxury sail charters in Key West are highly dependent on the size of the boat, how long you want to rent it for, and whether or not you opt for the all-inclusive option. Although I can tell you from first-hand experience that the all-inclusive option comes highly recommended. 

The all-inclusive option takes a whole lot of planning off your plate and means you can fully relax during your Florida yacht charter. 

When should you book a sailboat charter in the Florida Keys

Luckily, the Florida Keys are blessed with a sub-tropical climate that allows for pleasant boating all year round. But it highly depends on what you’re hoping to get out of the experience. If your focus is to do a lot of diving and exploring, then any time of year will work. 

But if you want strong winds for fast over-water speeds, then anytime between January and April would be ideal for sailing in the Florida Keys. 

palm tress in Florida Keys

Best Florida Keys Sailing Charter Itinerary Options

There are many ways you can explore the Florida Keys by yacht, but I thoroughly enjoyed the itinerary that was planned out for me, so feel free to use it (partially or wholly) as your own. 

Florida Keys yacht charter day 1: 

I headed to Miami a couple of days early to enjoy the nightlife and shopping culture of the area. But on the day my trip started, I headed to the docks at around lunchtime. It was there that I met the captain for drinks and a delightful seafood meal before we got the cruise underway. 

We set sail and started heading toward our next destination after completing our boat trip checklist

palm trees in the breeze

Florida Keys yacht charter day 2: 

On day two of the Florida Keys yachting trip, I woke up anchored off the Biscayne Bay coast. The morning was spent zooming around on jet skis before heading back aboard for mimosas and sunbathing. 

After a restful afternoon lounging around on deck, I headed to shore to explore the nightlife of Biscayne Bay Miami a little better. After a night out on the town, I headed back to the yacht for a peaceful sleep aboard the luxury yacht charter – believe me when I say there is nothing more comforting than gently rocking to sleep along with the sound of the ocean lapping at the shore. 

Florida Keys yacht charter day 3: 

Day three was spent predominantly in motion as we made our way down the Keys with a cup of coffee in hand. It was a day of taking in the beautiful sights as we drifted toward our next destination. 

The rest of the day was uneventful, but that’s exactly what was needed after a busy previous day. I indulged in the delectable breakfast, lunch, and supper that was served before watching the sun set over the water. 

sunset in the Keys

Florida Keys yacht charter day 4: 

Day four was the real start to the Florida Keys adventure, and we made our first stop in Key Largo (also known as the Dive Capital of the World!) So as you can imagine, the day started off with grabbing my dive mask and jumping in the water. 

We headed into the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park which just so happens to be America’s first underwater park. A magnificent experience if there ever was one. After a day of exploring the underwater world of Key Largo, our tender took us back to the yacht, where champagne and dinner were waiting for us on deck. 

We had the delight of watching the sun set from probably one of the best locations in the world. 

Florida Keys yacht charter day 5:

After finally gaining my sea legs, day five presented an opportunity to enjoy the water some more, but also head ashore in the famed Key West. It is by far the most famous of the Keys and the lowest point on the US continent. 

In the morning I enjoy diving and snorkeling experiences as well as simply lounging about in the azure waters. We then headed into Key West itself to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and French Colonial architecture. It presented plenty of opportunities to take photos as well as stretch the legs after a couple of days on the ocean. 

I had heard of Key West many times but never been there in person. I must say, it lived up to every expectation I had for the area. 

village bicycles

Florida Keys yacht charter day 6: 

On the sixth day, we headed south to Marquese Keys to enjoy the island lifestyle. The islands are completely uninhabited, so it is a completely tranquil experience. You have the islands surrounded by mangroves all to yourself, and it’s only accessible by yacht so it really feels like an exclusive experience. 

We took the opportunity to get the paddleboards and kayaks in the water to get real close to these beautiful locations. It’s a good time to have a waterproof camera with you to capture the incredible experience firsthand. 

Florida Keys yacht charter day 7: 

On day seven it was time to start the return trip to Miami. But the way back was just as pleasant as the trip down the Keys. The day was spent journeying over the water as I lounged in the sun on the deck sipping on cocktails throughout the day. 

We spent the evening in Little Torch Key which was much smaller than the other Keys but just as beautiful. The evening was taken up with swims in the ocean lapping up the last of the salty ocean evenings as the sun set. 

sunset palms

Florida Keys yacht charter day 8: 

Day eight was also spent journeying back to Miami, but I still got the chance to enjoy a delectable breakfast onboard and take in the last sights this Florida Keys experience had to offer. 

Other Activities in the Florida Keys

florida keys views

Wrapping Up Yacht Rentals in the Florida Keys

Partying it up in Miami, smoking a cigar in Little Havana, and diving into azure waters to explore coral reefs and shipwrecks are all on the cards when you charter a yacht in the Florida Keys. The best part is that the itinerary is all up to you, although I have made some recommendations that you can add to your trip to make planning a little easier. 

Once you know what to pack, you’ll be excited about the trip ahead of you. If you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime right under your very nose, then it’s time to book your spot. An all-inclusive Florida Keys yachting experience awaits you!

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