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Dinner Cruise Charleston SC | Tickets & Prices

Charleston in South Carolina is a quaint port city that was founded all the way back in 1670. Its historic background means that there is plenty to see and do in the city with its old-school cobbled streets and carriage rides that are offered throughout the city. 

The Charleston Harbor with its picture-perfect pier is one of the main reasons people visit this seaside town. If you are hoping for an adventure on the water in South Carolina, then Charleston is one of the best places to do just that. Are you ready for a dinner cruise in Charleston? These Charleston dinner cruise options will blow your mind. 

Charleston Dinner Cruise – What to Expect

A Charleston dinner cruise is something incredibly special as you’ll get to watch the sunset while eating an absolutely delicious meal. Most dinner cruises take place within the harbor, or just outside. 

They last between 2 – 4 hours and generally offer the experience of live music in the background. It’s truly special because you’ll be able to enjoy unique views of the city from the water, and is an ideal experience to have with your partner. So pack your best yacht outfit and head to the harbor for a dinner cruise you won’t soon forget. 

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Charleston SC Dinner Cruise Prices and Availability

Charleston Harbor: Luxury Dinner Cruise

$83 per person on Get Your Guide

Fort Sumter: Sunset BBQ Dinner Cruise & Tour

$35 per person on Get Your Guide

Charleston Sunset Blues & BBQ Dinner Cruise

$63 per person on Viator

A Charleston dinner cruise varies in price depending on the length of the tour and the quality of the food being served. You can expect to pay anywhere between $37 and $79 per person for a dinner cruise in Charleston SC. I would highly recommend opting for the higher end of that to get the best experience possible. 

When should you book Charleston dinner cruises?

If you are hoping to visit Charelston then the best time to go is March to May or from September to November. The weather is mild which makes for the ideal conditions as during other times of year the weather can be sweltering. 

While hotel stays and tours are a little more pricy during this time of year, it’s worth it for the milder temperatures that can be enjoyed. 

Best Dinner Cruise Charleston Options

A dinner cruise in Charleston SC is an absolute treat, but there is more than one to choose from. Consider these options for a boat tour in Charleston. 

Charleston Harbor: Luxury Dinner Cruise

charelston cruise

On this Charelston dinner cruise, I got the opportunity to board the Spirit of Carolina and sell around the harbor, past Fort Sumter, along the battery, and head under the Ravenel Bridge. While the cruise stays within the boundary of the harbor, the harbor is big so there is plenty to be seen along the way. 

While music plays in the background you’ll get the chance to enjoy an incredible three-course meal on the water and make the most of the open bar. All this while taking in a magnificent sunset aboard the Spirit of Carolina. 

Once the dinner and cruise are over, you’ll be taken back to the harbor where you’ll need to organize your own lift home. This is an incredible experience for anyone wanting to see a different and more romantic side to Charleston SC. 

My favorite part of this trip:

was the music that was so perfectly suited to this dinner cruise and set the perfect ambiance for a night of sunset watching and bobbing on the water with a delicious dinner. 

Fort Sumter: Sunset BBQ Dinner Cruise & Tour

fort sumner cruise

This tour is a little different because you go with the objective of exploring and learning about Fort Sumter and all the history that goes with it. The tour is incredibly interesting and helps you learn bits about the civil war that you might not have known otherwise. 

But that is not even the best part of the tour. While you are onboard the boat, you will cruise around the harbor taking in exquisite views of the surrounding area. While you are cruising around the harbor, the crew will let you in on a little more inside knowledge about Fort Sumter. 

To top it all off, you will get the opportunity to dine on a delicious BBQ lunch or dinner (depending on the time of the tour), prepared for you by experienced cooks. By the time you get back to shore, you will be well satisfied with the magnificent day that you spent on the water. 

My favorite part of this trip:

was the BBQ lunch as well as getting to explore the famed Fort Sumter which provides visitors with a wealth of knowledge about the civil war. 

Charleston Sunset Blues & BBQ Dinner Cruise

boat in charleston harbor

This tour combines the above two relaxing activities of enjoying a BBQ dinner and listening to music while gliding over the water and watching the sunset. This was one of my personal favorite tours as the ambiance was just perfect for a relaxing evening on the water. 

The live entertainment is an absolute treat and accompanies the buffet BBQ dinner perfectly. You dine on smoked chicken, pulled pork, coleslaw, and mac and cheese. With all those options it’s just about impossible to go hungry. 

When the sun is dipping below the horizon and the sky turning beautiful colors, I would recommend heading to the observation deck where you can take in unobstructed views of the sunset. While you’re there, order a drink at the full-service bar to make the most of your evening on the water. 

My favorite part of this trip:

was taking in views of the sunset from the observation deck while sipping on a glass of champagne. It simply doesn’t get better than that. 

Final Thoughts on a Sunset Dinner Cruise Charleston SC

Now that you know what to expect from dinner cruises in Charleston SC, get a booking to discover the tranquil open waters of South Carolina. I thoroughly enjoyed some of these Charleston harbor cruise dinners and I’m sure that you will too!

If you are looking for other boat trips in the US check out the rest of the tours that I’ve experienced on the water. America has so much to offer, but dinner cruises in Charleston SC have to be up there with the best of them.

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