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Boat rides in NJ are in abundance, and they come in all shapes and sizes. With over 130 miles of Atlantic coastline, you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice. Whether you are hoping to find a boat cruise in New Jersey or a dolphin-watching boat trip, there’s an option for you. 

Because New Jersey is so big, there are more than just a few places to take a boat trip. But the most popular places to get in the water are Cape May and Atlantic City. I particularly enjoyed Cape May because of the opportunity to see dolphins, but that’s not the only attraction in store for you if you take one of the New Jersey sightseeing cruises. 

Boat Rides New Jersey: What To Expect

A boat ride in New Jersey is ab absolute treat. You can expect to experience a range of boat trips from sunset dinner cruises to dolphin watching boat trips in New Jersey. If you’re ready to escape the hustle and bustle of life on land, then heading out on the water is the best way to spend your time (although I may be a little biased.)

I took a bunch of boat trips in NJ and must admit that my favorite took place in Cape May. But the trips to Atlantic City also have a lot to offer. They are ideal for locals located in the area that don’t want to travel too far. 

dolphins in the water

NJ Boat Rides Prices & Availability

Cape May: Jersey Shore Whale and Dolphin Watching Cruise

$48 per person on

Cape May: Cape May Island Sunset Cruise & Dolphin Watching

$37 per person on

Atlantic City: Evening Happy Hour Ocean Cruise

$25 per person on

Atlantic City: Morning or Afternoon Skyline Ocean Cruise

$25 per person on

New Jersey Lunch Cruise

$93 per person on

You can expect to pay between $25 and $96 for boat rides in NJ. This will depend on how long the boat ride NJ is, and what’s included. Some of the tours I have picked out as the best boat tours in New Jersey even come with dinner or breakfast included. 

All these things should be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not the price is worth it for each particular experience. Luckily, there are many options on this list that perfect for anyone who is on a budget, so don’t feel that you need to spend hundreds of dollars to have a great experience on the water.

When should you book New Jersey boat rides? 

You’ll want to take NJ boat tours when the weather is at its best. This is generally between May and June, as well as in September and October. In terms of the time of day, you’ll get the best sights in the early morning and in the evening. This also gives you a chance to catch either a sunrise or a sunset – giving you the chance to witness spectacular views as the sky transforms in hues of oranges, purples, and pinks. 

If you go on one of the New Jersey boat tours during the colder months, be sure to take a warm waterproof jacket with you as you don’t want to get stuck on a boat in a t-shirt. Depending on the boat, you might also encounter water lapping over the side of the boat. If that is a possibility, be sure to wear wellingtons or waterproof boots

Best Boat Trip NJ Options

Many of the NJ sightseeing cruises offer very similar experiences. But they each offer their own unique flair. I have my own personal favorites, but all the boat trips on this list were a lovely experience and definitely worth the time. 

Keep reading to find out some of my favorite boat tours in New Jersey, and find out which would suit your tastes the best. 

Cape May: Jersey Shore Whale and Dolphin Watching Cruise

whale tale

This dolphin and whale watching cruise is one that provides great sights with plenty of animal activity in the water. You’ll leave from the picturesque Delaware Bay, heading straight out into the Atlantic Ocean that is just teeming with life. 

The 3-hour guided tour takes you along the coastline, allowing you to enjoy views of the Victorian buildings located along the waterfront, as well as the sound, smells, and sights of the ocean. Your knowledgeable guide will not only teach you about the local marine wildlife, but they will educate you about the local Cape May area as well. 

While the tour may seem like a long time to be out on the ocean, the time really does fly by. It gives you plenty of opportunities to spot marine wildlife, which is the main aim of the cruise. You’ll also be able to enjoy refreshments and a snack on deck in case you feel like a bite to eat during the boat trip. 

My favorite part of this trip:

was seeing the dolphins gracefully dance across the water. No matter how many times you witness this sight, it always offers something truly special.

Cape May: Cape May Island Sunset Cruise & Dolphin Watching


This is another tour located in Cape May, also leaving from Delaware Bay. But it provides a completely different experience. The sunset cruise tour gets going just before sunset and offers you two hours of unspoiled beauty out on the open ocean. 

There is simply nothing better than watching a sunset from the boat while bobbing up and down on the water. While you should keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, they do make appearances less likely during this time of the day, so sightings, while still common, are less frequent than on the other tours. 

The good news is that pizza and hot dogs are served on board, along with your choice of refreshing beverage. You can also purchase wine and beer onboard, so if you are up for a little party, that is definitely possible. 

My favorite part of this trip:

was sitting onboard while eating delicious pizza and watching the sky turns a myriad of hues as the sunset. It’s moments like this that I wouldn’t change for the world. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to see dolphins on your tour, it’s still worth every cent. 

Atlantic City: Evening Happy Hour Ocean Cruise

new jersey boat

If you’re looking for an experience on the water that’s a little shorter than the previously mentioned tours, then this Atlantic City happy hour cruise might be just up your alley. You’ll get a 1-hour tour around the bay to take in all of the best Atlantic City sights from the perspective of the water. 

The boat leaves the harbor as the sun is setting, allowing you to enjoy the sunset as well as get a taste of nighttime on the water. Being a happy hour cruise, you can expect nothing less than for the drinks to be flowing throughout your time aboard the cruise. 

The cruise is a great way to see the lights of Atlantic City from afar, and it acts as a great way to start your night out on the town. It’s a great way to enjoy a couple of cocktails to get your night started. 

My favorite part of the trip:

was when the sun had set and the city lights sparkled on the horizon. It really set the mood for an evening of cocktails. 

Atlantic City: Morning or Afternoon Skyline Ocean Cruise

lunch on a boat

While Atlantic City boat tours are wonderful during the nighttime, if you are hoping to do some good old-fashioned sightseeing, then daytime is definitely a more appropriate time to hit the water. 

You’ll get the chance to enjoy some of Atlantic City’s most iconic sights from the perspective of the water, including Steel Pier, the Absecon Lighthouse, and the boardwalk. During the 1-hour cruise, your knowledgeable guide will teach you about the history of the area as you pass each of the city’s most famed attractions. 

If you are ready to appreciate the epic casino skyline along with panoramic views of the surrounding Atlantic Ocean, then this tour comes highly recommended. 

My favorite part of this trip:

was the fantastic photo opportunities that this trip presents. I enjoyed getting to see angles of Atlantic City that I had never seen before on land.

New Jersey Lunch Cruise

sunset on the water

This boat trip sets sail from Weehawken, New Jersey, but offers you views over the famed New York City skyline. And if that’s not something that impresses you then I’m not sure that anything will. 

The 2-hour cruise gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of the city’s most famous landmarks, including the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and Brooklyn Bridge. You’ll also get the chance to sail peacefully down the Hudson River – a real dream come true for many. 

During the cruise, you’ll also be treated to a delicious lunch, so you will kill two birds with one stone. Although alcoholic beverages are not included in your buffet meal aboard the boat, they can be bought when the bar opens. 

My favorite part of this trip:

was seeing the New York City skyline from the perspective of the water. It never fails to be absolutely breathtaking. 

Other Activities in New Jersey

While boat trips are a great way to experience NJ, there is a myriad of other really great activities on offer. These are a couple of other things worth getting up to in the area while you are exploring the NJ area. 

Wrapping Up Boat Ride in New Jersey

If you are in the New Jersey area and want to head out on the water, why not indulge yourself with one of the private boat rides in NJ. Pull on your favorite pair of welly’s, zip-up that warm coat and throw your favorite adventure camera in your bag. 

The New Jersey waters are just waiting to be explored. So don’t miss a beat, I couldn’t recommend these shoreline adventures more highly!

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