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Gifts for Boaters | Best Present Ideas for Boat Owners

Boat owners are a unique bunch. They have to be able to endure long days out on the water, in all kinds of weather. But they also have to be able to enjoy the quiet moments, when they’re anchored off in a secluded cove or motoring through calm waters.

There are plenty of gifts for boaters out there, so you’ll need to narrow it down to the present that will suit your loved one the best. These are some of the best gifts for boat owners on the market at the moment. Whether they are boating in New Jersey or prefer to charter boats in the Keys, there’s a gift to suit their needs.  

Best Gifts for Boat Owners

Boat gifts come in all different shapes and sizes, so we have narrowed down the list of the best gifts for boaters down to different categories. So whether you are shopping for a gift for a new boat owner, or simply for someone that loves boats, there is something on this list. 

Gifts for New Boat Owners

If you are looking for the best gifts for a boater that is new to the waters, then these are just a few of the items you should consider purchasing for them. 

Waterproof dry bag

If you are looking for new boat owner gifts then a dry bag is ideal. People that have only recently bought a boat are unlikely to have a dry bag, but it will come in useful and are likely to think of you each and every time they use it. 

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Captain & first mate matching caps

If you want to get your new boat owner a little something that will get them excited about heading out on the water, then these caps are sure to do the trick. It adds a new dimension to the boat trips if nothing else. 

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Boat gallery for boat documents

New boat owners are likely not to have all their ducks in a row when it comes to their documentation. But this boat document holder is the ideal solution while also being waterproof, so they can be kept on the boat at all times. What more could a new boat owner really ask for? 

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Docktail boat bar

This docktail boat bar is ideal for new boat owners who want to celebrate their new purchase. It conveniently hooks onto the side of the boat, allowing those are the boat to easily make their own cocktails, or pour themselves a whiskey. 

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Tip: ensure that your friend christens their boat before heading out into open waters.

Gifts for Boat Lovers

If you are looking for the best boat gifts for boat lovers, then look no further than the following items. 

Mariner cheese board 

If you are looking for great gift ideas for boat owners, then this charcuterie board is a great option. It combines the love of food and the enjoyment that boat owners have of being on the water. 

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Navy knot pontoon tumbler

A boat lover won’t be able to resist this cute tumbler made specifically for boat owners. It’s specifically made for those that have a pontoon boat and could work for boat lovers of all kinds. If you are looking for something that is not too expensive but is very special, this tumbler is ideal. 

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Stemless boat wine glasses-nautical themed

These nautical-themed stemless wine glasses are ideal for someone that loves boats. They are also ideal for use on a boat if necessary without the hassle of having a stem (which is highly inconvenient to have on a moving vessel). 

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Sailors hat

This sailor’s cap is a wonderful gift for those who love boats. Whether you buy it for them to wear to a party, or for wearing when they head out on open waters, it’s guaranteed that this hat will be a hit. 

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Boat dish

This boat dish is perfect for those who love all things nautical. It is a small boat with a rowing oar that acts as the ladle. It is perfect for boat owners that have a small boat or a big boat, even those that don’t have a boat but wish that they did. 

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Boat Accessories Gifts

Whether you are looking for boating gifts for him or her, then accessories are a great way to show them that you care. These are a couple of the best boating accessory gifts on the market at the moment. 

Portable boat trash can

If you want to help accessorize your boating friend’s boat, then how about a portable trash can. It’s not something that comes to mind when you first think about buying gifts, but it certainly will come in handy. 

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Monocular Telescope High Power

Every boat needs a telescope, so if your friend doesn’t have one yet, then this makes an ideal gift for them. And the fact that it is a high-power telescope means they’ll never need another one. Everytime they discover a new corner of the universe through the telescope, they will be thinking of you. 

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Boat gadget

This boat gadget is a bottle opener, safety whistle, gas cap key, fishing line cutter, as well as other essential boat gadgets all in one. It’s ideal for someone who is new to the world of boating and doesn’t have all of these individual gadgets. 

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Boat bungee dock lines

As a boat owner, you can’t have enough boat bungee dock lines. These come in a set of two and will come in very handy for the boat owner that receives these as a present. If you haven’t found the ideal gift for your boating friend, this may be the ideal choice. 

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Wrapping Up Boating Gifts

I hope you enjoyed our list of gift ideas for boat owners! Whether you’re looking for a practical gift to make their life on the water easier, or a fun accessory to help them enjoy their time on the boat even more, I’m sure you’ll find something on this list that they’ll love.

Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

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