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We’ve all been there. You’re sitting aboard a boat, floating your way down a tranquil river while a guide points out the beautiful attractions as you pass them by. Suddenly, some guy named Jerry decides it’s lunchtime and whips out the egg sandwiches his wife made for him the previous day. Nausea sweeps through the passengers and crew aboard the boat, while everyone throws disdainful glances at Jerry. Don’t be a Jerry!

For the sake of your fellow passengers and yourself, you need to pack boat-friendly food when traveling by water. There’s just something about the movement of a boat that doesn’t coincide well with certain foods. So I’m here to help you out. What are the good boat snacks? 

Best Boat Friendly Foods

So you’re looking for some of the best boat food to avoid being a Jerry on your next boat trip? Luckily, there are plenty of foods that can go down well onboard, the trick is to know which foods to avoid. Ready to find out about boat-friendly foods both you will love?

Good Boat Food Ideas

Wondering what food to bring on a boat trip? For journeys that last for longer than a few hours, often a meal will be provided. But in instances that you need to bring your own meal, you need to make sure that it’s boat friendly. 

Because boats often rock up and down by nature, you need to make sure that it’s food that won’t rock around too much. It’s also best to have a meal that doesn’t emit a strong odor (for the sake of the other passengers onboard). You never know when someone might have a slightly sensitive stomach. 

1. Pasta salad

There’s nothing that grounds the stomach and fills you up all at once like a good portion of carbs. A cold pasta salad is a great thing to bring on a boat as you won’t need to reheat it before eating, and it’s easy to slip a container into your bag. 

Whether you prefer pesto pasta or a more traditional chicken and mushroom, it’s sure to go down a treat on your boat trip. 

2. Sandwich wraps

Good ol’ sandwiches have never let me down. This is a great meal to pack for yourself if you’re in a hurry to get out the door. It’s quick and easy to make, and easy to unwrap during your trip on the boat. You can also switch it up with a variety of toppings if you happen to be someone who takes frequent boat trips. 

3. Cold fruit

Indulging in some icy cold fruit goes down such a treat while you’re sitting aboard a boat, especially if you are sitting in the sun. Not only does is it aid in cooling you down, and working as a refreshing snack, but there’s something about a cold meal that makes you feel a little more grounded aboard a boat. 

4. Pigs in a blanket

Pigs in blankets are an old classic, and while they may be more popular amongst kids, they do make for a great meal no matter your age. My preference is to pair them with a little tomato sauce, but if you prefer to eat them as is then this meal just got a whole lot easier to pack. 

Best Boat Snacks

Boating snacks are something you’ll need if you’re going on a trip that is longer than an hour. You don’t want to be trapped on the water when your stomach starts to growl. Having a light snack also helps if you start to feel seasick as it makes your tummy feel a little more grounded. Trust me when I say, a snack can come in very handy when you’re out on the water. These are some of the very best snacks for boating. 

5. Trail mix

Trail mix is one of those trusty easy-to-pack and easy-to-eat snacks that always go down well. Not only does trail mix offer a variety of items, it is also very filling for its size. Which is exactly the sort of great boat snacks that everyone needs. 

6. Muffins

Muffins, whether home made of store bought, offer a nice boost of energy and taste delicious. They are also fairly small, making it easy to slip one in your bag, negating the need to bring a cooler bag with you. And in my personal experience, having one less thing to carry on a boat trip is something I’ve always been grateful for. 

7. Lemonade fruit popsicles

Lemonade fruit popsicles are incredibly easy to make, and are a refreshing treat when you’re aboard a boat. All it entails is pouring lemonade and a couple of pieces of fruit into a popsicle maker, and popping it into the freezer overnight. For more information on how to make these delicious treats, check out this blog

8. Popcorn

Popcorn is another grounding food, yet it’s still light and doesn’t make you feel over full. Which is something you want to avoid when taking a trip on the ocean or down a river. It’s another easy-to-make food that you’ll be grateful you packed in your bag. 

Boat Party Food Ideas

Are you looking for food to bring on a yacht party? This can be a tricky thing as it has to be light, and it has to suit the tastes of as many of your guests as possible. So whether you’re looking for the best finger food for boating or other good boat party food, these are a few of the best in my opinion. 

9. Frozen grapes

Frozen grapes are another simple delight that are easy to make, and they’re ever so refreshing. The icy crunch you hear when popping them into your mouth is exactly what you need on a warm day, so they make great boat party snacks. 

10. Veggie skewers & dip

When your boat is out on the water, you generally feel like something a little healthy, and light snacks always keep the seasickness away (if you’re prone to feeling a little queasy on the water). Adding a dip like hummus to the mix just makes the snack that much more appealing. If you’re looking for boating snacks for a party, these will be winners. 

11. Chips & salsa

Chips and dip, or chips and salsa are typical party foods, and there’s a reason for that. Everyone loves finger food when they’re at a party so they don’t need to sit down for a full meal, yet they’re still keeping their hungry tummies satisfied. Chips and salsa not only goes down well at land parties, but on yacht parties as well. 

12. Kabobs

Kabobs are great because they come in such a greta variety, and if you’re making them yourself, you can really get creative with it. While they generally come with a meaty snack, you can throw in some veggies too. And if you have some vegetarian or vegan guests on your boat, they’d love a veggie kabob. 

13. Cookies

Cookies are my guilty pleasure, and it hasn’t taken me long to realize that many people bare this same affliction. There’s nothing better to follow up a savoury snack than a sweet one. So be sure to provide your boat party guests with something to satisfy their sweet tooth as well. A nice chocolate chip cookie is a snack that most people are unable to say no to. 

Food to Take on a Pontoon Boat

Are you heading out on a tour and wondering what food to bring on a pontoon boat? While touring, it’s often best to take snack foods, as well as foods that won’t take too much noise. While your carrots are not likely to scream, the crunch may annoy other tour-goers trying to concentrate on what the tour guide is saying. These are some considerate snack choices for your pontoon boat tour. 

14. Hot dogs

Hot dogs are generally thought of as good snacks for kids. But why? They are delicious and provide both the protein and the carbs to get you through the boat trip. So if you’re heading out on a guided pontoon trip, hot dogs make a great snack as they’re fairly odour free and won’t be distracting to other tour goers. 

15. Walking tacos

Tacos are notoriously delicious, but they are also known to be messy. The messy factor can be negated by getting walking tacos, which are wrapped up nice and snug, so that none of your fillings fall out and become food for seagulls. They can also be kept in your bag for a couple of hours, so you won’t need to take a cooler box to keep this convenient food fresh. 

16. No-bake energy bites

No bake energy bites can be made in a whole variety of ways, but the easiest way is with peanut butter and oats. Roll them up in a tight ball and you’ve got a snack that will provide you with energy throughout the day. The oats will also work to ground your stomach while you are aboard the boat. 

17. Granola bars

It doesn’t get easier that popping a granola bar in your bag before heading to the jetty. This is perfect for travelers that are always on the move, and don’t have time to meal prep before their boat trip. It’s also a tasty treat, so you won’t be complaining that you didn’t plan ahead. 

Wrapping Up Snack Ideas for Boating

Now that you have a better idea of what snacks to bring on a boat, you can enjoy your trip onboard without worrying too much about your food choices. Rest assured that I have picked out only the most convenient foods to eat on the water. 

Enjoy your boat trip!

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