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Bananas on a Boat | Are They Bad Luck After All? 

It is said that taking bananas on a boat is bad luck. There are many explanations for why this belief exists, but the most common one is that bananas attract sharks. Another explanation is that the fruit’s scent will lure in bad luck or evil spirits. 

Some believe that the yellow color of bananas is associated with death. Whatever the reason, many sailors and fishermen avoid having bananas on board their vessels.

Whether or not you believe in the superstition, it is important to be respectful of local customs and beliefs when traveling. If you are in a country where taking bananas on a boat is considered bad luck, it is best to avoid doing so. When you decide to christen your boat, be sure to do it with something other than the banana in hand. 

Why Are Bananas Bad Luck on a Boat? 

It’s a well-known fact that bananas are considered to be omens of danger and mishap in the marine industry. The first mention dates back as early as 1700 when many lost ships were noted for carrying these fruit aboard their voyage; perhaps this had something to do with why we associate them so closely with bad luck.

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Why Should You Not Have Bananas on a Fishing Boat?

Many believe that the idea of bananas being bad luck for fishing boats is linked to early fishermen. Whenever they took bananas with them as a source of fuel, they didn’t have enough time in the water to get the fish that they needed.

This was because they would need to make it back to shore before the bananas could spoil, which is rather quickly! 

Having a Banana on a Boat Could Invite Unwanted Stowaways 

The fear of venomous spiders, snakes, and other critters is very real for many boaters. However, there have been few documented cases where people were bitten while storing their bananas on board which leads one to think twice before taking them with you next time out!

So when you are thinking about the best gift for a boater, it’s best to go with anything that is not banana related.

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Having Bananas on Boats Could Cause Someone to Slip

Banana peels can cause accidents and pose a safety hazard for crews. Dimensions of the old banana skins left on board may lead to slips, which in turn poses risks such as injury or worse; this is why many boaters avoid bringing bananas onto their vessels when they know there will be work involving cleaning up after fruit scraps like these!

The Scent of Bananas on Boat Could Repel Fish

There are stories about how bananas were blacklisted from boats by fishermen who feared that these traits would scare off fish. The sweet scent and stickiness may have earned them an avoided reputation, but is it true? 

Banana Boat Superstition

It’s likely that there is no truth at all to any of these bananas on boat superstitions, but many boaters still have a rule about avoiding bananas as a boat snack

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